Monday, May 31, 2010

Eyes: windows to the soul

"They" say eyes are the windows to the soul. Hah, this almost kind of cracks me up. My eyes are brown. An indescribable brown. Whenever I look in the mirror all I see is dull. And it's kind of freaky trying to get a close-up look at your eye. Go do it. Unsettling, huh?

Anyway, besides having brown eyes, I'm a dork who would rather watch Lord of Rings or play Kingdom Hearts than go to the mall (our mall kind of sucks, but still). I'm tall-ish, I guess. I used to play volleyball before giving it up to be apart of Big Blue (band). I'm African American. I'm smart, but only in the books. I'm kind of awkward and clumsy with social things and physical. I love all kinds of music and if you do too, then we'd definitely get along. I trust too easily, am a bit harsh on my self, and my favorite color is purple (second favorite being green). I love writing, and poetry, and music (esp. Armor for Sleep and at the moment Pierce The Veil) , and people (sometimes), my family, my little brother (sometimes), and personality tests.

Um, I'm new to the whole "blog" thing. I've had blogs before, but I usually don't stick with them. Let's see if this is any different. :)

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