Monday, June 7, 2010

Coincidences (The reason why life is sweet)

So I was talking to my bestfriend, Amberleigh:), and we were talking about how much we like snakebites (piercings right below your lip on both sides). We were also talking about how much we love Armor For Sleep (:]). It was really weird. She said she'd call me back as soon as my family pulled up to Walgreen's. My aunt went inside, leaving my cousin, my brother, and I. A car pulled up beside me and a really pretty African American girl jumped out and went in the store. Well, the dude driving had snakebites (weird, I tell you, he was hot though haha). Then, I promise, Car Underwater by Armor For Sleep (I'd know that song ANYWHERE) came on. I wanted to shake all their hands. Too bad they're from Georgia. Anyway, I told Ambie the story and she laughed. :)

Songs of The Post:
Tight by Mindless Self Indulgence
Car Underwater by Armor For Sleep

Saturday, June 5, 2010

To Be So Simple, You're Pretty Darn Complex

My family calls me 'book smart'. Which is kind of true. I mean school is pretty easy. But simple day to day tasks sometimes stump me. It's weird. You could ask me some random fact normal people don't know and I might answer it correctly, but I pull doors that say push. I can't figure out some things other people get first time around. I'm what you'd call kinda slow. I enjoy my weirdness. So yeah. I'm a bit of a contradiction sometimes. That leads me back to the title. I just got told, "To be so simple; you're pretty darn complex." And it seriously made my day. :)
Good song? Ummm Life After You-Chris Daughtry
I love his voice. He kind of reminds me of Vin Diesel... who is soooo sexy. :) hahaha

Feeling like a little kid again

I went to Spring Park today. And to summarize it: it was amazing. I got all sweaty and dirty. It was just like the good ole days. I almost fell in a puddle. I ran after my maniac cousin. It was crazy. The only thing that could have made it better is if the funnel cake stand was open. I felt like a little kid again. Then my little cousin fell into a puddle and we had to go. By the way, sitting in the back of a pick up truck is great after getting all sweaty and stuff. Haha. Great, I tell you.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lazy Summer Days

Today wasn't exactly a lazy day, but I spent most of in half asleep with a book in my lap and my speakers in my ears listening to 90's grunge. I realized today was one of my last 'lazy' summer days. It kind of sucks almost. In a few days I'm off to a church convention, then camp for three weeks, then four days later (in which I must get my clarinet fixed) it's band camp. Then hello freshmen year. Great. Hahaha.

Anyway... I wanted to share this poem I wrote for a kind of sad occasion.

No one should have to suffer
The way you did
If you would take your life
The way you did

I wish I could see you laugh
The way you did
Wish I could have seen your pain
You masked it well

Even though I wish you were here
Wishing gets me no where
So spread your angel wings
And fly to meet your maker

Your pain is gone
You have your wings
You've touched our lives
With your existence
You'll never be forgotten

Meet you in the skies
On that fateful day
When we'll be together again
And we'll all fly away

And we'll all fly away

Song of the Post: Damn Rough Night- Artist vs. Poet
Good Book: The Pretty One- Cheryl Klam

Monday, May 31, 2010

Draw A Pig! (with a loooong tail hahah)

Seriously draw a pig! Don't be like one of my guy friend and be all why? Just draw the darn pig! :) Thanks, and I'm not Dora the Explorer, I know if you say no (I'm in cahoots with Santa ;]).
This is a personality quiz I fell in love with a few minutes (about an hour) ago:
It's comes from, it's under inner traits, and it's called the Pot Bellied Pig
So, hopefully by now you've drawn a pig.

If it's towards the top you're optimistic and positive. In the middle? You're a realist (like me :]). Bottom? You guessed it, pessimistic and negative. Sorry

Facing Left? You believe in tradition. Are Friendly. And Remember dates.
Facing Right (me!)? You are innovative and active, but don't have strong sense of family, and don't remember dates.
Facing towards you? You are direct and enjoy playing devil's advocate, and neither fear nor avoid discussions.

With many details (me! me!): Analytical, cautious, and distrustful (not really true for me, but my pigs cute!)
With few details: Emotional and naive, you care little for details, risk taker :).

Less than four legs? Insecure or period of great change.
Four Legs (:])? Secure, Stubborn, stick to your ideas.

Ear size=quality of listening (bigger=better)

Tail size... well go look on the site for yourself. :)

Eyes: windows to the soul

"They" say eyes are the windows to the soul. Hah, this almost kind of cracks me up. My eyes are brown. An indescribable brown. Whenever I look in the mirror all I see is dull. And it's kind of freaky trying to get a close-up look at your eye. Go do it. Unsettling, huh?

Anyway, besides having brown eyes, I'm a dork who would rather watch Lord of Rings or play Kingdom Hearts than go to the mall (our mall kind of sucks, but still). I'm tall-ish, I guess. I used to play volleyball before giving it up to be apart of Big Blue (band). I'm African American. I'm smart, but only in the books. I'm kind of awkward and clumsy with social things and physical. I love all kinds of music and if you do too, then we'd definitely get along. I trust too easily, am a bit harsh on my self, and my favorite color is purple (second favorite being green). I love writing, and poetry, and music (esp. Armor for Sleep and at the moment Pierce The Veil) , and people (sometimes), my family, my little brother (sometimes), and personality tests.

Um, I'm new to the whole "blog" thing. I've had blogs before, but I usually don't stick with them. Let's see if this is any different. :)