Monday, June 7, 2010

Coincidences (The reason why life is sweet)

So I was talking to my bestfriend, Amberleigh:), and we were talking about how much we like snakebites (piercings right below your lip on both sides). We were also talking about how much we love Armor For Sleep (:]). It was really weird. She said she'd call me back as soon as my family pulled up to Walgreen's. My aunt went inside, leaving my cousin, my brother, and I. A car pulled up beside me and a really pretty African American girl jumped out and went in the store. Well, the dude driving had snakebites (weird, I tell you, he was hot though haha). Then, I promise, Car Underwater by Armor For Sleep (I'd know that song ANYWHERE) came on. I wanted to shake all their hands. Too bad they're from Georgia. Anyway, I told Ambie the story and she laughed. :)

Songs of The Post:
Tight by Mindless Self Indulgence
Car Underwater by Armor For Sleep

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