Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lazy Summer Days

Today wasn't exactly a lazy day, but I spent most of in half asleep with a book in my lap and my speakers in my ears listening to 90's grunge. I realized today was one of my last 'lazy' summer days. It kind of sucks almost. In a few days I'm off to a church convention, then camp for three weeks, then four days later (in which I must get my clarinet fixed) it's band camp. Then hello freshmen year. Great. Hahaha.

Anyway... I wanted to share this poem I wrote for a kind of sad occasion.

No one should have to suffer
The way you did
If you would take your life
The way you did

I wish I could see you laugh
The way you did
Wish I could have seen your pain
You masked it well

Even though I wish you were here
Wishing gets me no where
So spread your angel wings
And fly to meet your maker

Your pain is gone
You have your wings
You've touched our lives
With your existence
You'll never be forgotten

Meet you in the skies
On that fateful day
When we'll be together again
And we'll all fly away

And we'll all fly away

Song of the Post: Damn Rough Night- Artist vs. Poet
Good Book: The Pretty One- Cheryl Klam

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